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LifeScan is a Johnson & Johnson company. LifeScan Scotland was created in 2001 when Johnson & Johnson acquired the UK assets of Inverness Medical Ltd, a medical device company established in Inverness in 1995 to design and manufacture glucose test strips, and design electronic meters for the global diabetes market.

Over 1,200 people are employed at the Inverness facility, which is regarded as a centre of excellence for those working in the field of diabetes.  There are many different skills required by LifeScan - not just science!  We also require expertise in finance, human resources, mathemathics and many other disciplines.  One of these growing areas is engineering. 

With a focus on future development, LifeScan is committed to "creating a world without limits for people with diabetes." LifeScan relies on outstanding research and development professionals, like those in Scotland, to realise this vision.

LifeScan Scotland's main product range includes the popular OneTouch® Brand of blood glucose monitoring systems, which is available globally. The company has also developed diabetes management software, control solutions and lancing devices and, in addition, produces the specialist test strips that work with many of the meters in the OneTouch Brand line.

Apprenticeship Training Programme

"As an apprentice myself many years ago I appreciate the importance and value of having a structured apprenticeship programme and I am delighted that LifeScan Scotland is continuing this tradition for the Inverness area"  Willie Printie, Managing Director

The Programme gives participants hands on experience and real-world insight into the diverse business activities of Lifescan Scotland.  This is attained through exposure to applicable engineering disciplines and a range of other business segments whilst studying through further education.  The programme objective is to develop the technical capabilities and skills of the apprentices as they contribute to the success od LFSS and help to sustain the talent pipeline. 

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