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The Norfolk Network is a dynamic, entrepreneurial business and scientific community, based on trust and shared goals. We inspire, inform and connect, putting people together and making things happen, across the region and the UK. We are proud to work with Schools, Colleges and Universities to inspire students to become effective workers and business leaders through developing important skills for future life. The Norfolk Network are the contract holders for the Science and Engineering Ambassadors (SEAs) programme in Norfolk, where we recruit people with science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) skills to support teachers in schools and colleges, by enhancing and enriching the relevant parts of the school curriculum. The programme is coordinated nationally by STEMNET and is managed by its UK network of local organisations skilled at linking education and industry.

The programme’s aims are:

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Industry Spotlight is committed to providing teachers with resources to help students find the job they want.

Notes & Resources: To help teachers assist students to the make the best choices and identify fulfilling career opportunities in a wide array of Industries.

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